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On My Mind (2/3)
minwoo, mino, jinwoo, songkim

Title: On My Mind

Genre: Soulmate!au

Rating: PG-13

Summary:  Having your soulmate’s name appear on your skin without meeting them is rare and can be tricky.

Warnings: Minor character deaths, small indication of self harm, butt marked.

Part 1//
Part 3

It was just a month when Seunghoon came to visit to Jinwoo’s apartment in a daze.  Jinwoo chuckled at the scene but transformed to the concerned boyfriend when he noticed Hoonie’s pale complexion.

“What happened?”  Jinwoo asked while checking Hoon’s temperature with the back of his hand.

“I-I---You’re going to leave me.  But I won’t ever ever leave you.”  Seunghoon began.

“What are you talking about?” and it struck Jinwoo at that moment what the nervous bloke was talking about.  He knew sooner or later this would happen and it made him so happy Seunghoon finally met his destined one.  “Who is it?  Can I see the name?  Where is it?  How did you meet them?”  Dozens of questions merged out of Jinwoo’s mouth when only Seunghoon could stare at him.

“Are you being serious?  Aren’t you scared I’ll leave you?  Why do I sense you’re happy?  Are you trying to get rid of me so easily?  I’m hurt.”  Seunghoon faked being distressed by placing a fist on his heart.

“Stop being foolish.  You know I’ll always be there for you whether we’re together or not.  I’m just glad you finally got to meet and get a name after so many years.  I can see the brightness glowing out of you.  It’s like you’re pregnant.  But really tell me!”  Jinwoo squeaked while dragging the other to the kitchen while he prepared a cup of tea.

“It’s a she.  She was having a hard time reaching for a cap at the very top shelf so I went to help, but when our eyes met, it was like time froze and vibrant colors started to swarm around us.  It was really strange. but amazing.”  Seunghoon made a pause as if to let the other comment.

“That’s a first I hear an encounter like that.  Sounds magical.”  He smiled at the thought.  It was unfortunate he could not experience it like that.

“Yeah, but then we both felt something strange.  She automatically placed her hand on her right arm, while…” Seunghoon squirmed in his seat and the blood rushed towards his cheeks.  Jinwoo insisted with his eyes for the other to continue.


“I got her name written on my buttock.”  Seunghoon looked down, but couldn’t help to smile however.  Jinwoo mustered all his energy to not burst out laughing and squatted to the floor until he composed himself.  Once he resurfaced, they were able to continue.

“What did she say or do?”

“She showed me hers and indeed it had my name there...but when she asked for mine, I quickly ran to the restroom.  I checked and right on top it has Song Danah.  But when I came back out, she wanted to see herself know...who shows their butt to their soulmate the first time they meet?”

“You?”  Jinwoo kept a laugh from escaping while Seunghoon gestured a playful punch.

“Well I explained and...I can understand what they mean about that feeling.  Her laugh is so cute and she didn’t find it weird at all.  Thought it was funny, I want to make her laugh for the rest of my life.”

“Ah, I feel the love.”

“But you are not to disappear from my life, Kim Jinwoo!”  Seunghoon semi ordered out.

“Wouldn’t that be a tad weird to have me around?  Technically, I am your ex.”

“No, cause after you agreed to try it out, you never let me fully love you like I wanted too.  Everything was the same, like...”

“We were just best friends?”  There was a small moment of silence.

“Yeah, and you only let me kiss your cheek three times.”  Seunghoon huffed playfully.

“And aren’t you glad?  I won’t feel so guilty being around you with your partner now that you found her.”  Seunghoon had to agree in the end.  He wondered if Jinwoo would have ever let him lead more than to just surface kisses, would he have stayed with him, as friends, now that he found Danah?  He was pretty sure she would not feel comfortable to have someone around that she knew he had sexual relations with.

After so much effort, he was glad Jinwoo gave in a little but held back a lot...just for him to have a clean slate with his destiny.  He, at least, would still have Jinwoo in his life.


Few months later, the deer hyung had left the country to shoot some footage in Japan.  Only a week more and he was able to go back to his hometown and spend his winter holidays with his loving family.

Seunghoon was going to spend the most part with his soulmate each dividing the time between each other’s families and some time alone.  So it threw him off when he saw Hoonie’s name displayed on his phone screen.  He was on waiting call so he figured he’d have some time to chat.

“Yes?” answered Jinwoo.

“Where are you and what are you doing!?” yelled the caller on the other side of the phone; startling Jinwoo’s co-worker from his nap.

“Lower your voice, Hoonie.  You’re not even on speaker and you just startled awake my co-worker.”

“Ah, sorry,” Seunghoon finally spoke in a normal voice.

“I’m still in Japan shooting for a campaign.”

“When will you be done?  Are we going to see you~?”  Jinwoo figured Danah was right next to him when he said we.

“I’ll be heading straight home after this.  So focus on Danah and stop worrying about me.  I have Rey with me so I’m not alone.”  He laughed.

“Wait, Jinu~~~ we want-” but Jinwoo didn’t hear the last part because he was being called on set.

“I’ll talk to you some other time.  I’m being called and I won’t have phone access for quite a while.  Have a Merry Christmas!!! Love you all~” and with that, Jinwoo left his phone on his seat.

While in Seoul, Seunghoon pouted at his phone.  It was quite bizarre how fate plays.

“Who’s this, Danah?”  Asked the newly form who happened to be standing at the doorway for some time.  Seunghoon and Danah’s backs were facing the door, reason why they didn’t notice the new presence.

It was Seunghoon’s first time meeting the family.  Danah had spoken very little of him in fear her family would judge him too soon, but that was the least of her problems once they met the guy.  It was only her big brother that was missing.

So when the big brother saw the back of the guy too close to his baby sister, his protective side came out.  But once Hoon turned, it all changed.  They greeted each other like long lost brothers.  And then, the question appeared, something that kept on bugging Minho the moment he had opened and stepped inside the house.

“So who were you talking on the phone before?”  The voice gave a soothing ring to Mino’s ears.  Was that Seunghoon’s friend he couldn’t stop thinking about?  He hoped so, since he lost contact of Seunghoon, there was no way he was able to get answers.  He tried going to the shop, but the many times he had found time to stop by, Seunghoon was never there and apparently the workers never passed on his message.  What he tried to accomplish, only led to failures.  Fate was the only thing he was grasping on now.  And it seemed his little sister helped.

“My bestest friend ever!” almost screamed Seunghoon while Danah giggled.

“Indeed they are,” she gave input.

“Is it the same friend who had brought to that concert that one night?  How’s his dad?  And who’s Rey?”  Seunghoon didn’t think he would remember after the short meet.  They didn’t even properly introduce each other before Minho bursted out about the bs of soulmates people believed in.

“Yeah, you still remember?  It was so quick, I would have thought you had forgotten about it.”

“He’s handsome and I see his face all around the city, how can I forget?  I’m surprised I didn’t recognized him sooner when I first saw him.”  He chuckled and Danah noticed a small tint of pink surfacing on his skin.

“Does oppa have a crush on Jinu oppa? Waaa~” teased his little sister and it brought Seunghoon’s attention.

“What?  Hey~ Stay away from my Jinu.  You should focus more on your fiance.”  Seunghoon spoke rapidly and stuck his tongue like a child.

“Fiance?” asked the little sister.  And Mino groaned before giving a sigh.  He had kept that hidden from his family.  He was sure they would be against it seeing they were strong believers of soulmates.

“We broke up.  We grew distant out of nowhere...actually no, it was that very night I met your best friend.  What was his real name again?”

“Wait, explain what happened first before I regret telling you.”  Seunghoon was serious, he was not going to let him hurt Jinwoo again even if the first time was unintentional.

“I…” Mino felt embarrassed to explain this, especially in front of his little sister.  “after that night.  I couldn’t help but just think and only think about him.  Minah noticed how distracted I was acting and brought it to my attention, but I shrugged off thinking she was exaggerating.  I didn’t notice until a week later when she had to snap my attention back to reality; at that moment, I took note that I was staring at one of his ads and we had missed the bus because Minah couldn’t seem to break my focus off his face.  I googled him, and all I know is his name is Im Jin.  Other than that, it’s been hard for me to get more information to get in contact.”

For once, Seunghoon understood why the agencies asked for stage names and not reveal their full true names.  Not that he was calling Mino a crazy loon, but they are preventing from people to meddle in their private lives and somehow be protected.  He was grateful for that but, at the same time...he figured the truth would be revealed someday, somehow.

“I’ve always wondered if his real name is Kim Jinwoo since he’s always on my mind.  I even started to think the whole soulmate thing was real, that you couldn’t fight it.  But that doubt that he was Kim Jinwoo was always there.  Then I figured I just found him so strangely beautiful that's why my brain only processed his image in my head.  Anyway, Minah left me without a say.  Later I found out from her own mother that she had found her soulmate and instantly clicked.”

There was silence before Seunghoon interrupted and voiced out his concerns.

“So are you actually looking for your soulmate or just infatuated with J-,” Hoonie stopped himself.  “Im Jin’s looks?”

“There’s something about him that just draws me into him.  I’ve been meaning to talk to you if you could set us up, but I also lost contact with you after that night.  I just want to talk to him, get to know him.  I want to believe in soulmates but I’m having trouble with that seeing I’ve never met this Kim Jinwoo.  But I just want to talk and stop this craziness in my head.  I need some kind of closure.”  Mino tried to explain.

Seunghoon gave a deep sigh and felt Danah give him a reassuring squeeze while they were holding hands.  The truth would submerged sooner or later he thought again.

“You’re an idiot.  I’m telling you this because I can see you are really an idiot- ouch~” Seunghoon had received a hit on the head.  “Okay, okay, and I can see you do have some genuine feeling towards my best friend.  So please, just please refrain from hurting him again.”


“Your abrupt soulmate is bs speech didn’t make things easy on him.  He waited for you for years!  He had his heart broken once, but that was soon forgiven.  He wanted the same what his best friend had found.  But what he seeked soon vanished when those words poured out of your mouth.  Then getting the notification of his father didn’t make things better; which his father is doing very well, thanks for asking.”  Mino could not utter a single word, grasping all the information.

“His name is Kim Jinwoo, the one you were destined to be, carrying your name for his lifetime on his shoulder.  Let me tell you, he almost stabbed himself to get rid of your name.  He wanted to forget you, which is quite impossible but he’s back to himself, getting back on track.  So I don’t want you to be messing him up again.  I know it was not your intention, but you practically stepped on his heart that night and I don’t want that to happen again. I heard that on your occasions, one hurts more and it seems Jinwoo is the one feeling it.”

Mino’s heart sank.  He remembered that time, he was so careless.  The pinge of pain on his heel was bugging him, which annoyed him and caused for those words to come out even more on a harmful tone.  He should have figured it was because his soulmate was right in front him.  Then he remembered…

“Is that why Jinwoo hyung looked in pain?”

Seunghoon almost spit the drink he had just sipped a few seconds ago.

“That explains why he kept rubbing his shoulder at times.”  Mino told more to himself.  “Our names were giving us a sign, how stupid am I?”  Mino wanted to punch himself.  And he heard a sigh from Seunghoon.

“As much as I’d like for you to suffer for a long time, just how Jinwoo did...I do want to see him happy more than anything’s the plan.”

“Before we on with that, who’s Rey?” the jealousy appearing.  Seunghoon barked with laughter and Danah tried to suppress it.

“Idiot is jealous over a hairless cat.”  Danah made no attempt to stop Seunghoon in calling his brother an idiot that moment.


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