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Alcance La Vida
minwoo, mino, jinwoo, songkim
Title: Alcance La Vida
Rating: PG/PG-13?
Genre: Romance/A bit angsty?
Summary: Mino recieved an unexpected call and had to leave Jinwoo soon, too soon for his liking.  He hoped he would return back with life to his lover.

The clothes on his body and the duffle bag resting behind his back.  The acidic waste within the pit of his stomach surfacing to public eye.  The newly recruited man gulped at the sight of the piercing sight of the steaming train heading towards the dreadful location, the military base.  He would be leaving behind his precious memories, his loved ones, and his comfort token.

Hope, faith, and love was his only strength and belief he had to make it out alive.  He had to in order to see that precious face he had wanted to spend the rest of his life waking up to every morning.

He was thankful for being able to make beautiful memories with his boyfriend.  Husband, if life permitted him to return.  With love came pain, but they both endured so much, they could withhold some more.  

He felt loved and was in love.  Scratch that, is in love.  It was like he would fall in love with his lover every time he saw his existence.

He withdrew a silent breath and adjusted his duffle bag before taking a hesitant step towards the awaited line to check in.  He loathed that his time was cut short from his loved one in order to serve his country abruptly.

The news was presented at a oddly time manner when most cities were in deep slumber.  Who had the nerve to disturb a calm and resting time for those who needed it, earned it, yearned it?  The tan man was in such a comfortable state with a man resting just beside him, head tucked in perfectly right above his shoulder, snoring softly.

The ringing stopped.  It didn’t take a minute for it to start ringing again.  The slightly smaller body shifted, giving the other to maneuver his way out of bed to stop the noisy disturbance.  After listening to the voice on the other side of the receiver, Mino never felt cheated, devastated, hurt.

The military base were in need of healthy young men and it no longer required to become of age to join the army.  They no longer gave the option for the individual to choose the time they would serve, but mandatory to join within 3 days.


Mino could sense it.  Their country was becoming weak and needed more men.  He had an obligation to serve his country and had every intention to complete it, but not this soon.  It was insufficient time to spend with the love of his life.  They had just settled in, Jinwoo had finally managed to have a full night’s rest with no worries.  Their hard work and dedication in painting their life together was smeared and torn within seconds.

Because in their lifetime, loving the same gender was not acceptable, it was looked down upon.  They would be shunned from their families and unfortunately, it happened to one of them.

Keeping it a secret was a success for the first few months when they started to date.  Mino was the social butterfly and took Jinwoo under his wing when he notice he would always stray behind from the crowd.  They soon became best friends, but they both started to develop a strange feeling making their stomach do flips and their heart accelerate.

True feeling were revealed one night in Mino’s bed when Jinwoo dared to give him a kiss.  Mino dodged it making the shorter man frown and panic after a few seconds of reflecting on his action.  Jinwoo was about to run but held back from a strong grasp on his wrist.

Mino had finally understood why he felt so alien like when around his best friend.  He pulled the arm towards him, adding weight on top of himself, planting his lips onto the other.  They no longer had the title as best friends, not among themselves of course.

They were bound to make a mistake.  It was not until the urge to do something more than hiding in one of their rooms was discussed.  They came up with what they thought was a full proof plan.  No one would suspect them and they could finally enjoy a date at the public eye, like a normal couple.

Mino could finally hold his hand, give him unexpected kisses on his cheek, light pecks on the lips.  He could have him stuck to his hip and have his arm around his shoulder, or against his waist.  He could prepare a portion of delicious food and feed him by ending it with a kiss.

It never happened.  Or at least at that time of their life.  Their plan had a flaw.

Jinwoo would make a beautiful woman.  It was proven one night they had magically attended an unknown underground chamber of transvestite entertainers.

Jinwoo was swept up onto stage, wig placed upon his head, and expertly given a quick makeover.

Mino was in shock, literally jaw dropping, from the image he was witnessing.  Howls and whistles danced around the walls, but it was blissfully unheard to Mino’s hearing.  His focus was only on Jinwoo and only heard Jinwoo.

That’s when the urge built to do something daring, and the idea would be turned to reality when they both came with the idea of Jinwoo becoming a woman, at least for a night, so they could enjoy the day freely.  But how were two clueless boys going to make it happen?  When they had gone back to the underground area, it was completely deserted.  They must have fled to another hidden area, it was assumed.  And so it took more time than intended for it to happen when being self taught.

This was not where it went wrong.

Mino with difficulties managed to be "accepted" by his family.  Shouts and screams were thrown at every direction at him when they caught him in his room straddling Jinwoo on his bed, leaning towards for a innocent kiss.  Prior to the intrusion, they were contentedly wrestling, arguing who was the most ticklish out of the two.

Fortunately for him, if you compare it to a future problem, the following day he was rewarded with the silent treatment and went on for months, maybe give it a year.  Mino had lost count of the days, but figured if he was allowed to still live under their roof, he was not banned...yet.

Jinwoo little by little learned how to apply makeup, had to capability to purchase a wig, and managed to stash a few women clothing and garments.  He planned for a very interesting night for Mino to cheer him up.  Prove to him that it was all worth fighting for, for their love.  That they could make fun and happy memories despite the unfortunate events around them.

Learning and preparing was his way to reward his lover after putting up with his family.  But if he only knew that his intentions were to backfire and lead him to a possibly worse fall.

The caring deer managed to deceive his family, but it wouldn’t be too long until they would notice a shift in the atmosphere.  Most of the time, his family was oblivious the his doings.  They never questioned him from the times he would join dinner with black residue under his eyes.  When the light beige powder floated into thin air when he’d run his fingers through his hair.  Or the times his lips appeared reddish from the lipstick remains, as if he ate a box full of strawberries.  They gave no importance to him, and for that he was grateful because he had the freedom to experiment.

But luck had to run out at some point.

D-Day for Mino’s surprise had come.  Bag in check and Jinwoo was set.  Or so he thought.

Coast was clear.  He was a hair apart from the doorknob when he heard his mother calling his name heading towards him.  No issues would have occurred if it weren’t for last minute decision of what shade of lipstick he would settle for.  He should have just taken both instead of trying them on, and actually taking it off.

The end result, his bag was opened inside out with all the contents flying across the room and hitting the walls.  Jinwoo had no words, had no voice, just tears flowing from those sad glassy eyes.

It wasn’t long when Mino found Jinwoo in tears in his arms at the hotel room they booked to use for Jinwoo to doll up and spend the night after their first outing.  The slightly shorter man had appeared with a travel luggage with a shadow above him.

Jinwoo was refused to be acknowledged as part of the Kim family since that day and was asked to leave.  Nowhere to go and no plans to rely on, Jinwoo at least had that night settled.  He couldn’t imagine if it was some other night, he couldn’t possibly show up at Mino’s doorstep when Mino was in a complicated situation too.

It wasn’t until the small body went limp and started to breath heavy was when Mino made his decision official.  And that’s when he found out the very next early morning that his family still cared about him, even after the cold treatment.

His mother was producing an never ending flow of tears and his father had a warm smile and offered a thick envelope, which they later saw was a hefty amount of money.

The cause of their parent’s actions occurred when Mino had shown up at their doorstep with Jinwoo in hand, packing to leave to who knows where with whatever they could afford at that moment.

Fortunately, Mino’s father made their journey easier until they figure out how and where to settle down.  It took a while, but they soon reached that point they wanted to meet.

Many sleepless nights, town after town, motel after motel; they discovered a small town in the countryside where they were able to rent a decent place for a reasonable price and managed to get a job.  The pay was not much if a person were to compare the amount of labor was being done, but it was sufficient for the both of them to live off together.

Not much time was given to enjoy their new life when he received the call.  It may be a small town, and they may live off at the countryside, but they were still somehow connected.  The government had his ways.  What he feared the most was that his beloved would be enlisted as well; however a sense of relief washed over him when the voice on the other side confirmed he was exempt and not allowed to step foot at military ground.

Jinwoo’s illness was not severe, but after the multiple of tests while they were still in school, it was determined it would be a bad outcome if they allowed him to join the military in any kind of position.  He easily could fall sick and the outcome would not be pleasant.  It hurt his pride, but Mino was overjoyed that nothing would happen to his adoring lover.

But the fact that he would leave him alone while he was away, it suffocated him.  Jinwoo didn’t deserve to be in solitude and become miserable again.  He deserved happiness and love.  But he couldn’t imagine him in someone else’s arms.  Acceptance was his only option if death were to welcome him.  But that was not an option for him, he had to return to Jinwoo.

He needed to survive.  No excuses.  And he was determined to come back to his lover’s arms.  He had too.

He glanced upward at the slight purple grey clouds with some patchy appearances of the blue sky before setting his eyes to the man registering the men in line.  He wished for Jinwoo’s health and safety.  And he wished to come back to him, he had too.

Taking a step forward, something caused him to take two steps back.  Pale hands around his waist, bag slouching to the side from the movement and weight that was replaced.  He faintly heard a restraining sob, aching his already pained heart.

The slightly taller man chuckled when he had Jinwoo right at his view before lifting his face and planting a very wanted kiss on those rosy lips.  Whether it was because of the freezing weather or it was the make up, Mino would care less.  He had Jinwoo all dolled up before him.

No words were exchanged.  They didn’t need for it.  Mino understood Jinwoo as for the reason he was in a dress, pantyhose, heels and a dress.  Not only was he in disguise to not raise suspicion of being two intimate men, but Mino made a careless remark the night before that he would have loved to Jinwoo as a girl where he could freely kiss in public.  He thought it was too much to ask for society to accept their love as two men in love.

The whistle of the train resonated in the air.  A warning and the line was getting shorter by the second.  The tan man knew it was time to leave.  He also knew if Jinwoo stayed outside for too long, he could get sick.

With one long last kiss and an affectionate bear hug, he softly whispered something to Jinwoo’s ear.

He moved away, giving a peck at the edge of the shorter being’s lips, moving further to look into Jinwoo’s eyes, seeing a reflection of himself from how wide they were opened.

Before Jinwoo could react, rifles were pointed right at him, while Jinwoo was being taken to the train station’s exit.  He was fighting against their hold, struggling to get to Mino and tell him how much he loved him and that he would wait for eternity for him.

Arms raised high, Mino was not fearing for his life to end, he feared that his precious treasure would be touched.  He tried to divert the attention to him, but Jinwoo was making it difficult.  His arms reaching for him, his hair flailing in every direction, screaming Mino’s name.

It wasn’t until the main sergeant stepped in, giving the authorization for them to have their ‘last goodbye’.

No longer blocking Jinwoo’s passage, he ran as fast as his heels would let him, running right onto Mino’s arms, who thankfully was no longer threatened by gun point.

Jinwoo rained kisses and I love yous all over Mino’s face before his departure.  It was not a goodbye.  Not yet.  They would always be together physically or in spirit.

“I love you.  Now and in the next life.  Forever and ever.”


Ayyy, that sounded like a wedding vow. Idk what I wrote.  I tried to approach a different style of writing...don’t think it worked too well.  It was going alright, but it just went downhill after the first few words. LOL! Oh well.  I hope you enjoyed it at least. ^^  I tried to fix things but I’m sure there’s errors around. Sorry~

Idk why I have a thing in making Jinwoo always dress up as a woman.

-Mostly based off this video. ^^


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