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Wicked Game (4/?)
minwoo, mino, jinwoo, songkim

Title: Talking
Rating: PG-13
Summary: A conversation finally blooms but it doesn't last long as Mino would like for it to continue.

Part 1//Part 2//Part3

They were walking in silence, Mino couldn’t find the words to start a conversation, while Rachel was looking straight ahead, avoiding contact, focused to get to her destination.  Mino was about to ask something when Rachel abruptly stopped in a decent apartment complex.

“Well, I live here.  Thank you for giving me company.” She slightly bowed and entered the gate without giving the other a chance to speak.

Mino only stood there dumbstruck, just like the first time he saw her and watched her disappear behind the door once she reached her apartment.


“What happened!?” was the first thing that came out of the 2Seungs when they found Mino sitting at his desk, too busy doodling on his notebook.  He, however, remained silent while the others persisted.

“Nothing,” he pathetically sighed.  “I was too stupid to say anything and I was too late when I was going to ask her out for a cup of coffee.”

“You’re so dumb sometimes.”  Seunghoon plainly stated.

“Yeah,” agreed Mino.  “So when are you guys going again?”  They both looked at each other before answering.

“Well, I actually have a few gigs to do and Taehyun is getting the rest of week off so I won’t be going this week,” answered Seungyoon while flipping through his music notebook.

“Same and I have some family matters to attend,” said Seunghoon.

“Ugh,” Mino had also forgotten he had a gigs himself to attend too.  He was so caught up from last night’s encounter, he wanted to get a second chance.  He was determined to get another meet with Rachel and Thursday would be the day, right after he finished his own gig.  He’d just hope he’d be there in time before she’d leave.


He ran as fast as he could to reach the backdoor.  He was just going to take a turn when he heard the sound of a woman struggling.

“Let me go!” she screamed with sounds of a rusty door.  Mino took that to sprint to the area.  Seeing the brown hair roughly swinging across the woman’s face, it gave Mino an extra jolt to get to her.  The man’s hand was around her neck while the other was holding her wrist.

“Come on, sweetie.  Why would I pay just to see you and not get to touch that firm ass of yours?”

Rachel was trying to get away from the man’s grasp, closing the door on him, while she could flee away.  Thankfully, Mino was fast enough, gave a tough punch to the perverted man.  Mino took a hold of her hand and started to run away.

“Thank you.  My body guard had an emergency and left.  I didn’t get much time to fix myself when that crazy man showed up.”  They had slowed down the pace when Mino felt they were on a safe distance away.  He looked at her direction and she was looking down, playing with her hair covering the lower half of her face.

“Body guard?”

“Yeah, some of us have some to…protect us.”

“Why some?” it’s like he finally had the on button to speak.

“Oh, ummm…” Rachel seemed to be having a difficult time to explain.  “We get the crazy drunks sneak to the back sometimes.  I mean, some are okay to speak with, but most of the time…” she shivered a little.  “Bouncers are placed all around, but..." she was hesitatnt to continue before she continued, "for weak people like me…they tend to hire a body guard.  I was just going to change and leave, but this unexpected encounter happened.  I tried to flee, but...”  Rachel trailed off and Mino understood.  He then took his jacket off and placed it around her.  “Thank you.” She blushed and wrapped the jacket closer to her.

“Does Taehyun have one?” Mino tried to change the topic away from her, however wanted to face-palm himself.  He’s a guy, I doubt he’d need one.  But Rachel only laughed.

“You’d think he’d need one, but no.  He makes such a pretty girl, yet can knock out the life out of a man.  And he actually likes to protect me too.”  She gave a warm smile, but Mino never got to see it.  Mino then remembered the time he got wasted and saw her…when they had stolen his wallet.

“So I wasn’t hallucinating when I saw you with a bodyguard?  My wallet was stolen.”  Mino heard a faint sorry but didn’t make a big deal about it.  What was done, was done.  Wasn’t like it affected him.

“Do they know that he’s a guy working for them?” Mino was a bit confused to how he ended up there.

“They do.  He can’t be touched so it doesn’t really bother them as long as the clients like him and he’s pretty.”  Rachel gave a small chuckle.  “It’s quite funny actually how he ended up in this business.”

“How?” Mino smiled admiring how the girl beside him looked so innocent.  But she kept covering part of her face, which made it difficult to admire her fully.

“Your friend, he showed up and I was actually put to dance for him.  But Taehyun showed up out of nowhere and begged for me to help him transform and switch.  He didn’t even want the money.  I complied and those around were awestruck when they first saw him when I was finished.  His dance moves were impressive too!  So he got hired.”

“He liked Seungyoon before?”

“Yup, think he saw him in some performances a few times.  Tried to catch his attention several times, and finally did with this stunt.  He took the days off recently to go see him actually.  Must be nice to be free.”  He mumbled the last part.

“So why is he playing hard to get if he liked him before?”

“Thinks it’s fun.  He loves the attention he now gets.”

“How did he reveal he was a dude though?”

“Seungyoon somehow managed to sneak to the backstage rooms and he came in when Taehyun was taking his wig off.  He wasn’t trying to keep it as a secret.  Just wanted to get noticed, but things led to another.  Lucky man.”  She chuckled.  “I’m quite surprised how they passed by security.  Must be fate…then again they weren’t drunk.” She started to ramble a bit.  Mino found it cute.

“So is he going to keep working there?  I mean, Seungyoon doesn’t go all the time.”

“Well…” Rachel hesitated.  “I think he may stay there for a while…maybe until Seungyoon asks him to leave?  But he enjoys it and…the good thing about us is we’re untouched.”

“Why can’t you…be touched?” Mino was curious.  Part of him was glad they were not touched by filthy hands, yet…he wished was able to touch.

“It’s a wicked game, really.  It’s weird how things work, but the business is good based on this strategy.  Men like our image of being sexy yet pure.  So we give them that temptation.  They want what they can't have and thier desire just grows to see us.  However, the girls dancing out in public are more open and daring than us…I hope you get the idea.”  Mino was getting it.

“Men get aroused and the girls outside are the ones that get to be touched.”

“Yeah, I feel sorry for them sometimes.  But at least they’re free to go when they want to.”  Rachel whispered with a bit of sorrow in the end.  Mino was about to ask what she meant, but they had arrived to her place.

“I’d like to take you out for a coffee date,” blurted out the tan man before the pretty woman disappeared once again.  Her expression was nothing what Mino expected however.

“I’m sorry,” she softly spoke.  “For your safety, please stay away from me.”


“So did you meet her?” Seungyoon asked the next morning.

“I did,” Mino gloomily played with his pencil while his chin rested on his forearm.

“Anddd…” Seunghoon meant to ask for more details.

“She told me to stay away for my safety.”  He decided to not mention anything of Taehyun since Seungyoon and he seem to be on a good route.

“What?” the 2seungs dumbly said.

“Why would it be for my safety?  I think she needs it more from what happened last night.”

“What happened?”

“She was attacked by a drunk bastard.”  He then stopped from giving further details when he saw a pale tired man walk into the classroom.  He was wearing a long sleeved turtle neck and the eye bags were prominent.

The other two looked his way and noticed the weak man.  Mino had a sudden urge to carry him to the nurse, but that thought soon diminished when he saw Hanbin give him two pills and a bottled water.

“What his problem?” growled Mino.

“Calm down, doggy,” laughed Seunghoon.  “I’d like to ask you the same thing.”

“It’s just…he’s always around him.”

“Well he’s always been like that.  I don’t get why you’re getting so worked up about it though.  Isn’t your attention on Rachel?”  Mino remained silent.  Of course, how can he get her out of his head?  But something about Jinwoo that kept bugging him as well…so he tried to focus on something else to stray his thought away on why Jinwoo was covered up so much today and why he looked so tired.

**I’d like to clear that this is taking place during college and they have classes on different days. In this case, Mino only sees Jinwoo in class on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.  Tuesdays and Thursdays…he just sees him around campus. ^^
Mino has taken some interest on Jinwoo, but hasn’t made an effort in any way to get close to him.

So Minwoo happened and my fingers started typing. Woo! I tried to make it longer…I hope it is. Too much talk, no action…yay? Aren’t you glad I actually updated so quick!? Please be patient with me. I can’t guarantee another quick update. T.T  I’m so bad. Excuse the errors!

I’d like to thank everyone for reading.


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