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minwoo, mino, jinwoo, songkim

Title: Vague
Genre: Romance?

Rating: PG

Summary: Drunk and lucky

Happy belated birthday to Sherma!!! I missed it when she was online and I guess she hasn't seen my minwoo/songkim lame sketch drawing thing.
And then I remembered I never posted this story once again, hope you had a great birthday!

The sun was burning part of his face, waking from his deep drunken sleep, feeling the silky sheets graze on his apparent naked body.  He vaguely remembered what happened, mostly that he drunk more with the intention to repress the horrible memory of his ex girlfriend cheating on him, that night.

Sitting up, he took in his surrounding, not recognizing the spacious room with a theme of royal purple.

Feeling the sudden pang of hangover came over, he quickly took notice of the bottled water and some pills.  The note attached was not left unnoticed.

Will be back, out for coffee.

Swallowing the pills, he remained with a fixed gaze upon the black screen of the telivision; pondering to regain his memories of what happened that night.  A hazy vision came to him, it was a small figure in a hooded dress.  It was quite a strange sight to see in a club, but it intrigued Mino and quickly approached her.

She was leaning against the bar, taking a few sips from her drink until Mino took her hand and led her to the dance floor.  Mino could see she was a bit hesitant, but eventually started to dance with him until it got more intimate and his hands were all over her.

He remembered how soft her skin felt, so pale and untouched until his hands roamed around her body.  And those luscious lips were just right to suck on.  Not to forget how nice and round her butt felt against him.  He figured that’s how he ended up in this place, at the girl’s apartment.

He debated if he should wait and let the girl down nicely, or disappear and pretend like the night never happened and leave the woman as a hazy memory.

He decided to leave.  He appreciated the concern and the note from the stranger, but he didn’t want to start something, nor explain his condition last night to a random girl if it led to that.

Washing up a little bit before leaving, he noticed two cats staring at him before they continued to drink from their bowls.  Before he had the urge to go pet them, he stepped out the door.

He was just crossing the street when he saw a petite woman in one of those hoodies, holding two cups of coffee.  He kept his eyes on her, thinking it was her he spent the night with, but she seemed pretty oblivious until they made eye contact.

They kept contact for a few seconds, walking towards each other until the girl broke the eye contact and kept walking.

“Pretty sure she wasn’t blonde either.”  Mino muttered to himself.

He took a turn and stumbled upon another oversized hooded stranger with two cups of coffee as well.  But he froze this time when their eyes landed on each other, so did the other.  He recognized those beautiful dark chocolate orbs and his memories soon became clear, catching him off guard.  Said person in front of him was a man.

“Ummm…” the slightly shorter male took a pause and tried to decipher what the other man was thinking before he continued.  “I guess you don’t remember.”  He gave a chuckle that seemed like music to Mino’s ears.  How was he blown away by such beauty so fast and a man?

The angel in Mino’s eyes was about to step aside and keep walking towards his apartment when Mino blocked his passage.

“Isn’t that my coffee?”  He gave a small smirk, trying to collect himself for his sudden action.  Was he really going to do this?

“Oh...yeah.  Here.”  The slightly shorter male extended to his arm and attempted to move aside but felt two pair of hands, possessing both cups.  He figured the other man didn’t want to deal with him anymore seeing he was walking away from where he lived.

“How about we head back to your place and get to know each other? I’m Song Mino.”  Mino felt a blush coming, quickly turning and walking the opposite way he was taking.  The other stood frozen for few seconds before striding close the tall man.

“I’m- Kim Jinwoo.”

Jinwoo had gone to the club for the bar to relief some stress before heading back to his apartment.  In no way was he thinking of getting drunk, just enough to loosen up and be able to have a good night's sleep.  He had no intention to stay longer than for two or three drinks, nor hook up with anyone.

So it took him by surprise that someone placed a gently grip on his wrist on his second drink, leading him to the dance floor.  He was pretty aware of his wardrobe choice; oversized sleeveless hoodie with leggings, almost covering his shorts.

What took him even more off guard was that he was being led by a man.  Reasons he came to that club was because he knew it would be girls trying to seduce him, which he had no interest.  Plus the fact that his choice of clothing weren’t too appealing; he figured he wouldn’t be approachable.

He was wrong.

But he couldn’t deny, the man was handsome and very attractive.  He could have any girl in the club yet chose the underdressed male at the bar.

“Well Jinwoo.  How about my offer and even recreate what happened last night with sober me?”

“You mean stripping completely naked, making out, and then knocking out?”  Jinwoo quirked an eyebrow and Mino choked on his own saliva.

“Did that really…” he wasn’t sure if he should be glad or disappointed that nothing happened.  Guess the beautiful man in front of him should deserve better.

“We were getting there, but I stopped you before anything else happened.  You were pretty drunk and kept calling me beautiful.”  A blush was surfacing on Jinwoo’s cheeks.

“You are,” Mino spluttered out.

“I figured you were not in the right mind and then you fell asleep anyways.”

“I’ll be honest,” he gave a sigh, “I did think I remembered you as a girl, but I have no problem if love comes with a male.”

“Love?  We just met and weren’t you leaving...”

“How can I ditch a pretty boy like you?”  He gave a warm smile and kept walking back to the place he was initially leaving.  “I still stand with wanting to get to know you and you know…” he wiggled his eyebrows making the deer eyed man laugh.

He could get used to that laugh and that smile.


So my co-worker has been playing this song a lot at work and I magically stumbled upon the video..singer is cute.  And I couldn’t help myself thinking of minwoo.

Luckily, I found some time to write this short thing.  I finished one drawing early and I needed a break from making cranes for a project.

So I hope you all enjoy this short minwoo fic/drabble, whatever it is.


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